All groups are run by clinical social workers who specialize in treating people with epilepsy. Groups meet on a monthly basis. They provide emotional support, information and comradeship. Support groups enable people to realize that they are not alone in coping with epilepsy and that there are others who deal effectively with seizures.

 Support Groups

  • Young Adult Support Group: This group is made up of teenagers and young adults who have epilepsy.
  • Professional’s Support Group: Comprised of working adults coping with effects of epilepsy on work, social and family life.
  • Children’s Support Group: Comprised of any child (ages 7-20) whose life is affected by epilepsy. They may have a seizure disorder, or have a sibling, friend, or parent who has a seizure disorder.
  • Parent Support Group: Comprised of parents of children who have epilepsy.
  • Adult Support Group: For adults who have seizures.
  • Suffolk Support Group

For information on Support Groups in Nassau County contact Jennifer Colbert at (516) 739-7733 ext. 400 or Shari Lurie at ext. 425; in Suffolk County contact Crista at (516) 739-7733 x 602.

EPIC Support Group Flyer