EPIC Long Island opened its first residential home in 1980, located in Hicksville. Since then, we have opened 14 additional homes on Long Island.

We currently provide a wide array of services to 130 adults with developmental disabilities in a supervised 24-hour care setting. Each person along with his/her advocates is involved in the development of his/her individual plan that includes community inclusion, preferences, and personal goals, as well as supports and services to meet his/her needs. We offer a home environment and comfortable living for each of our individuals while parents, siblings, and other advocates have the peace of mind in knowing that their family member is well taken care of. Each residence is unique with individuals who have various life challenges. Not only do we obtain those services and supports needed for the individual, we strive to modify the environment so that when a person's needs change, we allow him/her to age in place. 

Each of our individuals is treated with the utmost dignity and respect. We provide opportunities for all individuals to enhance their overall quality of life by encouraging independence and self-actualization at home and in the community. A variety of recreational activities are offered to everyone. People participate in the activities of their choice, including but not limited to, vacations in upstate New York, Broadway shows, museums, bowling, and concerts. Celebrations are planned at the houses and family members/advocates are always welcome.